Product roadmap

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Early Pay app - The Access Group

  • SITUATION: 8% drop off on the onboarding.

  • TASK: Find why and FIX it.

  • ACTION: Interview users and Looked on the Mixpanel stats. Found the icon miss-guide them to type the wrong info. So we changed the icon!

  • RESULT: The 8% drop off - vanished (to less than 1%)

Zalando B2B dashboard

  • SITUATION: TradeByte helping retailers "push ads" in one go to all marketplaces like Amazon & Asos.

  • TASK: Create a dashboard that will show in real time the process and the efficiency in it.

  • ACTION: R&D retail needs and real time data dashboards.

  • RESULT: They loved it and invited me to Germany... but than Covid-19 happened.

Dreams GB - website

  • SITUATION: Getting Dreams commercial site to gain sales like the offline branches.

  • TASK: Research competitors traction and optimise Dreams' site.

  • ACTION: From search engine optimisation to content & reviews add-ons.

  • RESULT: Pitching to Dreams' Head of Digital.

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